Happy One Year, Rahart-Adams.com!

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Rahart-Adams.com is proud to announce that we have officially been online for one year today, even though we have been supporting his career and him since his Every Witch Way days. He’s had a steady career the past couple years after Every Witch Way ended, starring in movies as the lead role in Liar, Liar, Vampire and Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows as well as a secondary role in EMO: The Musical and a minor role in Pacific Rim: Uprising while on the Television Shows side he has done a recurring role in House Husbands and he’s been a mainstay on the YouTube Premium show, Foursome.

I just wanted to thank all of the fans for viewing the site and we hope you love it and enjoy viewing for the latest updates, unfortunately though this year, Rahart hasn’t been as active in roles although he does currently have two projects that are pending releasing entitled Nancy and Star Light.

Plenty of Changes!

Rahart-Adams.com / Rahart Adams Web has had quite a few changes recently and it’s now aligned with all other sites owned by the webmaster, Zach, as well!

While patiently awaiting the releases of Nancy and Star Light, we’ve made some minor and a few major changes!

We’ve updated the header which was made by Vintage Love Designs and the sidebar majorly to include the Calendar, Current Projects, Our Networks, Elite Affiliates and switched up the regular affiliates. We’ve also added the Networks page and tweaked several other pages as well as updating the Affiliates page and adding the Affiliates Application page.

If you notice any errors in anything please feel free to contact us, otherwise enjoy.

Foursome: Season 4 Screencaptures

We have just uploaded all screencaptures of Rahart from season 4 of Foursome! He was absent from three episodes in the latest season so he only appeared in seven of the ten episodes, the next project we intend to work on will be House Husbands and Rahart’s episode of Talia in the Kitchen.

Rahart Adams Web (né Network) has also underwent a theme change which is a bit darker than we’ve previously had in themes before.

You can find the screencaptures for season four by clicking here!

Foursome: Season 4 Trailer!

YouTube has finally released the season 4 trailer of it’s hit series, Foursome which features Rahart! All episodes of Season 4 will be released on October 24th, 2018! Are you excited for the show’s return? Screencaptures of the trailer will be in our gallery shortly!

In other news, Our website and gallery will be receiving a new theme shortly.

YouTube announces 2019 Projects!

YouTube has recently announced their projects going into 2019 which includes Rahart’s most recent series, Foursome that he currently stars on as Kent Saydak since season two. The show will be entering season four and features Jenn McAllister, Cameron Moulene, Rickey Thompson, Monica Sherer, John Milhiser and more.


Today (July 30) at the Television Critics Association session, YouTube showcased its upcoming Original series and announced renewals for 2018/2019. From ambitious projects and compelling documentaries showcasing YouTube stars, to inventive comedies, bold dramas and live events featuring from some of the biggest names in Hollywood, YouTube continues to offer innovative programming that engages its audience. Since the launch of YouTube Originals in 2015, Original content has been viewed more than 650 million times.

They announced the renewal of Foursome earlier this year and also announced that Logan Paul would not be returning as Alec Fixler due to the Suicide Forest Video Controversy back in January 2018 and YouTube also announced that the role will not have a replacement actor.


Five months after they return from Beach Island, the seniors have already graduated and its the last summer that the Foursome is going to be together. Foursome stars Jenn McAllister (All Night), Rickey Thompson (Betch), Cameron Moulene (Faking It), Monica Sherer (Betch), Rahart Adams (PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING), John Milhiser (Saturday Night Live), and Maddy Whitby (Betch). Foursome is produced by AwesomenessTV.

[GALLERY] Screencaptures Galore!

Starting off, we have screencapped an old online Public Service Announcement (PSA) video of Rahart that touches base on Cyberbullying. It’s called “Tagged” and Rahart is only featured from 9:45 to 9:54 but the video itself is something that happens all over the world.

You can see more resources and information about the short video on it’s Official Website.



Secondly, Foursome season two has been getting capped for the episodes that Rahart is featured in. So far, his first four appearances have been capped + the trailer for season two has been capped. He first appeared in episode three of the second season of YouTube Premium’s hit show, Foursome. Today & Tomorrow will see the entirety of season two capped out and season three will be capped as soon as season two is finished! I have also capped the Behind the Scenes video of season two and those captures have been added to the gallery as well.



003 | The Big O No!:


Welcome to Rahart-Adams.com!

Welcome to Rahart Adams Network!

We are your first online network for the Australian Actor, Rahart Adams! Here you can find pretty much everything about Rahart that you’re looking for, some of the services we offer for things related to Rahart are listed below:

  • Gallery: Our gallery is full of pictures of Rahart covering all of his projects, appearances and instagram/twitter photos. We have just recently opened so currently we only have 2,000+ photos but there’s plenty more to come and we’ll post every time we upload photos!
  • Other Media: We also have a small section for other media which is still being prepared at the moment but it will feature plenty of other media such as Signatures (for use on forums or other websites), Avatars/Icons and more.

Please enjoy your visit to Rahart-Adams.com and always frequently check in for updated news, photos, audio files and videos on Rahart. Remember, we are not Rahart Adams and have no communication or affiliation with him personally, we’re just merely fans and support him since we first discovered him on Every Witch Way. 🙂