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Happy One Year,!

© Kaci Elizabeth at is proud to announce that we have officially been online for one year today, even though we have been supporting his career and him since his Every Witch Way days. He’s had a steady career the past couple years after Every Witch Way ended, starring in movies as the lead role in Liar, Liar, Vampire and Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows as well as a secondary role in EMO: The Musical and a minor role in Pacific Rim: Uprising while on the Television Shows side he has done a recurring role in House Husbands and he’s been a mainstay on the YouTube Premium show, Foursome.

I just wanted to thank all of the fans for viewing the site and we hope you love it and enjoy viewing for the latest updates, unfortunately though this year, Rahart hasn’t been as active in roles although he does currently have two projects that are pending releasing entitled Nancy and Star Light.

Plenty of Changes! / Rahart Adams Web has had quite a few changes recently and it’s now aligned with all other sites owned by the webmaster, Zach, as well!

While patiently awaiting the releases of Nancy and Star Light, we’ve made some minor and a few major changes!

We’ve updated the header which was made by Vintage Love Designs and the sidebar majorly to include the Calendar, Current Projects, Our Networks, Elite Affiliates and switched up the regular affiliates. We’ve also added the Networks page and tweaked several other pages as well as updating the Affiliates page and adding the Affiliates Application page.

If you notice any errors in anything please feel free to contact us, otherwise enjoy.